Why are some horse chestnut tree flowers pink?

Answer Different varieties or cultivars, as they are now known, have different characteristics such as flower colour.

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Diseases of the Horse Chestnut Tree?

The horse chestnut is a popular choice for landscaping in public spaces, including college campuses and parks, because of the dense shade it provides. It grows to 40 to 50 feet tall. Clusters of up... Read More »

How do I identify a horse chestnut tree?

Leaf I.D.Look at the leaf. The horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastaneum) has five to seven compound leaflets, arranged in a palmate pattern. The leaves are serrated, but vary in size. Their length c... Read More »

White or Pink Tree Flowers That Bloom in Spring?

Spring standouts include ornamental trees that bloom white or pink flowers. Several different botanical species of trees bloom during springtime. Some bloom white or pink tree flowers during early ... Read More »

What tree has pink flowers in summer&red berries in fall?

Certain varieties of the Dogwood tree produce pink blooms and dark pink to red berries throughout their annual reproductive cycle. Varieties with these attributes include Heart Throb Kousa and Sato... Read More »