Why are some boogers in my nose VERY gooey on one end and hard/solid on the other?

Answer ha very odd,but the main reason why you have hard "boogers" is because of the dust flying around us and when you breath the dust got stock in your nose hairs.Making mocus harder.

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Every morning I wake up with lots of boogers in my nose, where do they come from?

clean your nose/sinuses out daily with "simply saline" from your local drug store. it'll make a world of difference. oh, and your body produces the 'boogers' while filtering germs and debris you ... Read More »

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No, I've just had a lil wipe around up there, I got up to the knuckle.LmaoPS - I do really, I still got a stupid smile on ma

My Hair Is Gooey and Gushing out Something?

You should see a hair specialist.That doesn't sound right,it sounds like the product made your scalp ooze oil or somehow the product created a reaction with your hair.Make sure to figure out going ... Read More »

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