Why are some bank's mortgage rates higher?

Answer Banks often quote different mortgage interest rates to borrowers. The difference in rates may be a result of something called "yield spread premium" or "risk adjusted" interest rates.Yield Spread P... Read More »

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When do banks adjust mortgage rates?

Mortgage financing grants entry into real estate. Mortgage interest rates affect housing demand because most homebuyers lack the resources to pay cash. Familiarize yourself with interest rate trend... Read More »

Are mortgage centers better than banks for the best rates?

On One Hand: Mortgage Centers Can Access Multiple LendersMortgage centers can access many lenders and compare rates and terms for their customers, but they do charge a percentage for their time and... Read More »

Why does comcast raise their rates all the time why don't they be like direct tv etc and just have a set price that doesn't keep getting higher and higher?

It's not Patrick Dempsey in the commercial. That's why the actor is so blurry and out of focus. It's a lame attempt by Direct TV to make you think they have a celebrity endorsement.

Why Are Auto Rates Different Than Mortgage Rates?

Automobiles and real estate are two of the biggest purchases individuals can make. Some people assume they should have similar loan rates and conditions. However, rates differ not only between lend... Read More »