Why are so many young people having sex?

Answer Lazy parents and a continuously degrading society. It's become normal now to be promiscuous, even praised. It's quite sick. What's truly good is becoming bad, and what's truly bad is becoming good.... Read More »

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Why do so many young people get heart attacks?

The main reason such problems as heart attacks are so common in younger people today is because they have easier access to soft drinks than kids did a few decades ago. Soft drinks and other water s... Read More »

How many people from the young and the restless have been on criminal minds?

Suzanne Pleshette was not his co-star Stefanie Powers was.

Have you noticed that many young people don't use or understand what a land line is?

No, but then the young people I know aren't stupid.

How many people start having vision problems in their 20s?