Why are so many young people having sex?

Answer Lazy parents and a continuously degrading society. It's become normal now to be promiscuous, even praised. It's quite sick. What's truly good is becoming bad, and what's truly bad is becoming good.... Read More »

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Is the People to People Ambassador Program a safe way for young adults to travel?

People to People ProgramThe People to People is safe and educational way to travel. Believe me, I've gone on a trip to Astralia with That program and I had the time of my life!I disagree. Our son d... Read More »

Are there any young people out there that are interested in CB Radio or is that just for old people?

most things that were done with Citizens Band radio are now done with cellphones especially now that hands free devices are built into newer carsin the 70s CBs were the fad and there were pop songs... Read More »

My husband and I are nineteen and we have a four year old son and people think we are unfit parents because we are young and can we convince these people we are good parents?

well, you are setting a bad example becaseu seeing that you are that young and parents, instead of focusing all of your time on a good college education, you have to deal with your kid, so that kid... Read More »

How to Influence Young People?

Young people can seem so far removed from the mainstream culture of the adult world that communication can seem impossible. It may seem to parents or teachers that reaching and influencing a young ... Read More »