Why is it okay to hate ugly people but it is not okay to be racist?

Answer I'm not sure where you got your information, but it's not okay to make fun of anybody. Neither is accepted and the people who are doing it are just shallow either way.I don't make fun of anybody, e... Read More »

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Do people think the white iPhone 4S is racist?

It is not possible for an inanimate object to be racist.

How to Avoid Influences of Racism and Racist People?

Racism is everywhere and is part of human history. It's a hallmark of deeply profound hatred, and here's how to avoid it.

Should I be worried I am dating a Russian guy and people tell me russians are racist?

You really shouldn't be worried. I mean, are you seriously doubting your relationship because you have heard that some people say that "Russians are racist"? That's dumb. Who cares if some Russians... Read More »

What is so racist about black people liking fried chicken, watermelons, and grape Kool-Aid?

Thanks for your question. I am a online freelancer graphic designer from Bangladesh. It is the nearest country of India. I am also black and I like those food very much. I agreed to your opinion. I... Read More »