Why are so many black men in prison?

Answer The number of black men in prison does not have to mean that black men commit more crimes than other populations. Issues regarding drug laws, police enforcement and post-prison experiences contribu... Read More »

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What is the percentage of black men in prison?

According to 2007 U.S. Department of Justice statistics, 35.4 percent of prison inmates are black men. Black men in the U.S. are imprisoned six times as frequently as white males, adjusting for pop... Read More »

Are the prisons in prison break real life prisons Is there a Fox River Prison in Chicago and a Sona Prison?

Fox River Prison is a fictitious name. The series was filmed at an old prison in Joliet Illinois.

Horror tv series partly set in prison Shown on Sky 1 around 2004 Has 2 black cats travelling around the world bad guy on death row then escapes and a guard is killed instead?

On the 2007 TV series Reaper, the main character is a bounty hunter for the Devil.

Your sister in law is going to prison for a year and wants you to take here three kids will you get any help from the state if you take them you live in californiamy brother is also in prison?

Answer Boy, I feel for ya bud. I thought I had problems. If your record is clean then you have a chance, but it isn't what she wants it's what social services will allow. You need to talk to them ... Read More »