Why are single lens reflex cameras are popular with professional photographers?

Answer There are many more functions, such as ability to shoot in RAW format (not present in most point-and-shoots), manual focus, ability to shoot in different lens, etc.Basically, when you shoot with a ... Read More »

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Where are canon single lens reflex cameras made?

Used to be all in Japan, now mostly in Taiwan.

What kind of cameras does photographers use and where can i look for professional photography cameras?

There's a couple of great tips here on becomming a good photographer without spending a fortune, but if you simply want to gawk at what the pros use:Canon 1DS Mk2: Read More »

What is a single lens reflex?

A single lens reflex (SLR), as its name implies, allows the photographer to both view and record an image through the same lens. The advantage the SLR gave photographers was "What You See Is What Y... Read More »

Digital Single Lens Reflex?

Usually the prices remain nearly as they were before, and the new camera is set at a more expensive price than its predecessor.Then the price of both slowly drops until the predecessor is phased out.