Why are seven year old children brats?

Answer Not all of them are.

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How many children played video games in The US in the year two thousand seven?

Ear infections are very common in babies.3out of 4 children get at least one ear infection by age 2.You should have your child looked at by a doctor and they might perscribe something for him/her.

How do you get rid of acne on young children My four year old son has had white heads for over seven months. I have tried skin cleansers but it hasn't helped. What should i do Thanks?

If he is just four years old I suggest you get him examined by a doctor.

Why my seven year son always tries to tease my five year old daughter and i can not find out the reason?

Try setting aside some "special" time alone with your son. You could go with a certain day of the week for just him. Once every say Friday from 5 to 6 is our special time. Set the same time every w... Read More »

What happened to Seven in married with children?

He was written out of the show. The last Episode he was in was called "Peggy and the Pirates." They never gave an official explanation as to his disappearance. But in the episode called "Rock of Ag... Read More »