Why are school bus tops white?

Answer The white top on a school bus helps keep the interior of the bus cool. By reflecting overhead sunlight, the white top reduces the amount of heat that the roof will absorb and transfer into the pass... Read More »

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Why are lap tops called lap tops s they are so much easierto une on table tops.?

Possibly because it was invented for people in the working world who worked everywhere like on trains, buses, the park. And they put it on TOP of their LAP hence you get LAPTOP i think (Caps for em... Read More »

How to Clean White Radiant Stove Tops?

Radiant stove tops have been available on the market for years and have been gaining in popularity. Radiant stove tops have an electric heating element like those seen on a coil range but--unlike c... Read More »

How to Identify Birds With Black Tops, White Bottoms & Red Throats?

Birds are among people's most interesting neighbors and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Several species of birds have bright red throats, black tops and white bottoms. Though identif... Read More »

How Do You Promote Campbell's Box Tops at School?

There are many ways to raise funds for your local school or school district. Campbell's Labels for Education and the Box Tops for Education program offers donations for saved labels, beverage caps ... Read More »