Anyone up for rating Sandwiches From a rating of 0-10 how would you rate the Sandwiches from this list?

Answer 1.32.9 can't go wrong with the classic pbj3. 45.106. 17. 78. not sure if I've had pastrami? if I have I don't remember. lol9. 210.9

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What are some more sandwiches I can eat?

egg salad sandwichchicken salad sandwichtuna sandwichsteak and cheese sandwichscrambled egg sandwich with cheeseclub sandwichcheese and tomato sandwichnutella and banana sandwichburger and hotdogs ... Read More »

Vegetarian sandwiches?

Saute diced potatoes in a little olive oil. Add garlic granules, salt, pepper, pinch sugar and pinch curry powder. Mix around a bit, than splash in a little water. Cover and cook for 5-10 minutes u... Read More »

What are your top 3 favorite Sandwiches?

Ham and cheesegrilled cheeseturkey and provolone

Hot or Cold How do you like your Sandwiches?

Both. I make awesome sandwiches. Darling Hubby seems to prefer the hot ones, but for me it just depends what kind of mood I'm in. More important: cold cuts (ham, pastrami, whatever) have to be slic... Read More »