Why are salt&sugar effective preservatives?

Answer Salt and sugar are effective preservatives because they dry out any bacteria that might be lurking in preserved foods. This drying either kills the bacteria or reduces their numbers to acceptable l... Read More »

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Uses of Preservatives?

Preservatives, both natural and artificial, are used to maintain the shelf life and characteristics of various food items. Methods of preserving foods have been used for centuries and include natur... Read More »

About Cosmetic Preservatives?

Cosmetics manufacturers add chemical preservatives to makeup and lotions to kill bacteria and extend the shelf life of these products. However, some preservatives cause rashes and other allergic re... Read More »

Preservatives Used in Cream?

All cream based products contain water, which require preservatives to keep out bacteria and or fungus. Since bath salts, body oils and soaps do not contain water, they contain natural preservative... Read More »

How to Eat Foods Without Preservatives?

If you are trying to avoid preservatives in your diet, it is essential to learn how to identify them. Food preservatives are commonly added to slow or prevent undesirable spoilage, discoloration, f... Read More »