Why are respiratory therapists important?

Answer Respiratory therapists, also referred to as respiratory care practitioners, provide medical care for hospitalized and home care patients who have breathing complications as a result of a disease, a... Read More »

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Gifts for Respiratory Therapists?

If you've benefited from the care of a respiratory therapist, then you may want to give her a gift of appreciation. If you have a friend who works as respiratory therapist, then you may want to enc... Read More »

The Salaries of Per Diem Respiratory Therapists?

There are various phrases from ancient Latin that have survived into modern vocabulary. Per diem is one of them and means "per day" or "daily." It is most often used in reference to salary, typical... Read More »

How much do Michigan respiratory therapists make?

As with many medical fields, respiratory therapists are seeing a growth in their demand and therefore their salaries as well. On average, a respiratory therapist can expect to make $50,000 in the s... Read More »

How much do respiratory therapists make in New York?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2008, respiratory therapists average $29.51 an hour or $61,390 a year. This is higher than the national average of $25.10 per hour or $52,200 ... Read More »