Why are religious vegetarians/vegans more accepted than purely ethical ones?

Answer I agree that this happens all the time. It is part of the 'undeserved respect' that society teaches people to accord religion(s). Richard Dawkins writes about this in 'The God Delusion'.It doesn't ... Read More »

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So what makes IVF more ethical than abortion?

Maybe because most abortions are performed AFTER the 6 week gestation period where the baby actually has a HEARTBEAT. With IVF it does not have a heartbeat yet. Most don't view it as a "life" unti... Read More »

Are lengual braces more expensive than normal ones?

I have researched a long time and I know from experience about braces(am currently undergoing orthodontic treatment)and I have found that lingual braces are significantly more expensive. I'm afraid... Read More »

Do colored contacts cost more than regular ones?

I just got some green contacts from a Sonoco gas station! :) They were only $20.00 and they look like prescription.I'm pretty sure they will have grey and they're very cheap.If you don't want them,... Read More »

Why are organically-grown veggies more expensive than ordinary ones?

Mainly it is because it costs a lot of money to be officially certified organic.Also, because they don't use the commercial fertilizers and pesticides which are very cheap in comparison to the natu... Read More »