How to Love Gingers?

Answer Its for sure that many of you have ginger colored hair and are sick of being called carrot top or ginger head/red head. This article would help to fight for ginger freedom as it is not fair to pick... Read More »

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Who thinks that we should get rid of all the gingers?

Why are people against gingers?

ginger- a person with red hair freckles and pale skin.first off, your not a ginger if you only have red hair. second people dont like gingers because of south park. And beacuse they are just anoyin... Read More »

How to Take Care of Pinecone Gingers?

Pine cone ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), also known as shampoo ginger or awahupi, is named for the large pine cone-shaped flower of the plant. Once the plant is done blooming the "pine cone" turns a d... Read More »

As far as redheads go........?

ouch, that sounds more like the herpes or something.better run to the clinic