Why are preschoolers?

Answer Because they are 3 and 4 years old and haven't started regualr school yet.

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How to Get Preschoolers to Sit?

Getting preschoolers to sit, and stay sitting, can be a difficult task. Preschoolers are curious and always testing boundaries, and their attention spans can greatly vary. When working on getting y... Read More »

Fun Snacks for Preschoolers?

Hungry children are whiny children, and finding healthy snacks they like can seem like an impossible feat. To entice children to eat healthy, get them involved in helping create a fun snack. This w... Read More »

Art Programs for Preschoolers?

Art activities during the preschool years can help a young child to grow in multiple developmental areas. Physical (fine motor skills), cognitive, social and emotional development can all be enhanc... Read More »

How to Paint With Preschoolers?

Preschool is not only a time to introduce young children to various educational concepts; it is also an opportunity to improve motor skills through art. You can perform a variety of arts crafts wit... Read More »