Why are power sockets around the world different?

Answer the power sockets are different around the world. One is the North American standard of 110-120 volts at 60 Hz, which uses plugs A and B, and the other is the European standard of 220-240 volts at ... Read More »

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How much solar power is used around the world?

In 2007, the world used six billion kilowatt hours of solar-generated electricity, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. It is predicted that the amount of solar generated electr... Read More »

Is a mother unfit if she has 4 kids by four different guys and got married to none of there fathers and now is going through a devorce because she cheated on him and now she has a different guy around?

Having numerous men in your life does not mean you are an unfit mother. The way you treat your children, what kind of environment the children are in matters.

Do you think coffee from different parts of the world tastes different, and if so, how?

Definitely.Coffee beans, like wine grapes develop their flavor characteristics from the soil and weather patterns in their growing areas. Too much or not enough water or sun and the flavor will cha... Read More »

Horror tv series partly set in prison Shown on Sky 1 around 2004 Has 2 black cats travelling around the world bad guy on death row then escapes and a guard is killed instead?

On the 2007 TV series Reaper, the main character is a bounty hunter for the Devil.