Why are poeple so anti vegitarian/vegan?

Answer That sounds like Disturbed 2007 he was the last big troll here.

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Why do poeple buy usb drives for computers?

If you meant to say where, you can buy them many places such as.....Staples, Best Buy, Comp USA, & Circuit City512mb to 1gb drives can be bought for around $20

How can i get around me with poeple who are smarter and wiser than me?

Going to college is a good start. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of stupid people at university, but most of them make some effort to at least appear intelligent, and the pressure to do so y... Read More »

How many poeple in USA eat french fries with Mayonaise?

Hey Puja,I was raised in the Midwest with East Coast parents who put Thousand Island dressing on everything (OK, not everything!) So I got used to the taste. 1000 isn't available everyplace, but ... Read More »

Does intelligent poeple only becomes famous, rich and successful?

No... Look to the presidents, prime ministers, singers... Do you think they are intelligent? I don't think so...