Why are plasma TVs much cheaper than LCD TVs?

Answer I had a plasma for 10 months and it burned in. It had pixel shift, i could see it shift and would make me dizzy sometimes. I bought an lcd and had it for 2 years and no burn. Lcd lasts alot longer.

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Why are Toshiba LED TVs much cheaper than Samsung, LG, or Sony?

you know quality always comes with a price, Are you going a TV and afterwards run to their service centers every now and then.If your answer is yes, then go ahead with Toshiba.

Is an LCD or Plasma or DLP TV cheaper to operate?

Cheaper to Operate TV They're all expensive to operate. Today's LCD and DLP sets use a projection lamp that draws on the average of 120 watts to light, plus there are several fans that operate in ... Read More »

Is corian cheaper than granite?

While there is a wide range of pricing for both granite--available from various manufacturers--and Corian-- made by DuPont and available through DuPont retailers--countertops, granite is generally ... Read More »

Is iphone cheaper in U.S. than India?

ya of course iPhones are much more cheaper in US and other places like Singapore,than in India. So its better if you can get an iPhone from any of such foreign places....