How much co2 do green plants take up?

Answer The amount of carbon dioxide consumed by plants such as grass varies greatly. The largest plant, the tree, consumers 48 lbs. of carbon dioxide in a year and produces enough oxygen for two people ea... Read More »

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Why do plants appear green?

Chlorophyll is a green pigment in the leaves and stems of non-woody plants that gives them their green color. Some plants have leaves that are variegated, which were developed as the plant's ancest... Read More »

What are green plants called?

Green plants are also known as producers. This is because green plants have the capability to produce their own food by using the energy from sunlight to make sugar. The sugar is then used to make ... Read More »

What gives plants their green color?

Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants that allows them to photosynthesize (or convert light into energy). Chlorophyll is present in most leaves, giving them their green color. Other pigm... Read More »

Why is the Light from your plants Green?

plant leaves consist of chlorophyll pigments. pigment absorbs particular wavelength for the energy production blue, orange other wavelength light absorbed by pigments but not green light. green lig... Read More »