Why are people vegatarians?

Answer Because they want to be - and believe in it.

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Do vegatarians eat these foods, ...,.,.,.,?

They would - Damn chicken 2 minute noodles are my favourite!!I don't eat beef noodles they are yuck!!If you put a bowl of potato chips in front of them with chicken salt half of them would have no ... Read More »

Are vegatarians more healthier then meant eater?

Not always. There are a great many vegetarians who are unhealthy because they are not getting their proper nutrition. Likewise there are meat eaters who do the same. To be healthier, omnivore or ve... Read More »

What are some easy foods to make for vegatarians?

Hey, I know what you mean! I have lotsof things to eat now that I have gotten used to being a vegetarian. But at first I felt just like you.Sure there are replacements for meat. Just buy the veggie... Read More »

How come humans call themselves vegatarians/ vegans, and not herbivores?

Only the dumb humans call themselves these names.