Why are people vegans?

Answer Most people probably do it for moral reasons because they feel it's wrong to consume animal flesh. Of course, there are those who may take it one step further and refuse to where products made fro... Read More »

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Why do people think vegans are weird?

Specific, well-reasoned facts will always help your stance more than making broad and unsupported claims. As I understand it, modern vegans often use T. Colin Campbell's work as a support for their... Read More »

Why are people so rude to vegans/vegetarians?

You partly answered your own question.Some people are contemptuous toward vegetarians/vegans, because they are so self-righteous, and act morally superior. When it comes to being obnoxious and tryi... Read More »

Why do people call vegans 'extreme'?

People think that it's really hard to be vegan, that's why they label it as extreme or as an extreme diet. They don't know how truly simple it is. Many people, when thinking of vegan food, they o... Read More »

Why do some people hate vegans?

Well I'm certainly disliking one right now. A vegan called FROGGIE who responded to an answer I gave to a vegan by being unable to comment without aiming an insult at me. Therefore I wasn't interes... Read More »