I am tired of people saying I smell so good. Will smoking a pack a day make people back off from me?

Answer Just don't put on your perfumeit's not that hard to small bad & have people back off. Don't smoke, it's a lame attempt to smell bad.

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Dont famous people get tired?

they're human so they must get annoyed sometime, but I think most of them accept that the paparazzi's always going to be there so they learn to deal with it.

Why do some people feel tired when they wake up even after they have got enough sleep?

Your body goes through sleep cycles, and if you wake up during the stages of deep sleep, you may feel groggy because your body wasn't "ready" to wake up - as opposed to waking up during REM sleep, ... Read More »

Who else is tired of people hating on the Jonas Brothers?

The word "on" in your question is an unnecessary preposition. "Who else is tired of people hating the Jonas Brothers" would be more proper.Now maybe if we didn't have to see them shoved in our fac... Read More »

Anybody Else Tired Of People That Won't Give 2000s Music A Chance?

I couldn't agree more Karl, I feel like I've been arguing against ignorant people who say things like "Classic rock is the only good kind of music" for years now. It bugs me so much, especially sin... Read More »