Why are people stronger if they weigh more?

Answer with eating excessive food muscles get more nutrients to grow. carrying around extra weight puts more strain on muscle fibers in which tell them to get stronger. It would be like walking around w... Read More »

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Would more people become vegetarian if they interacted with the animals they were eating?

It's a good question. I actually went vegetarian when working on a farm because I saw the suffering firsthand. But that is because I experience deep empathy for any kind of suffering. Most people d... Read More »

When people say they are more comfortable with their bodies at 40 then they were at 25 that's BS right?

Nope. I'm still a fantastic beast and I'm almost 50.RAWR!

Ugly people - should they pay more taxes?

You shouldn't base it on looks.Define ugly.There are far too many definitions.Some may think you're pretty , some may think you are the ugliest person alive. It's ones OPINION!!So no.Everyone who i... Read More »

Why do people like to talk on there phone more they text?

You don't get all the effects of communication from texting.You can miscommunicate too easily, by not getting the "tone of voice" that indicates anger or amusement.Texting is very impersonal. It's... Read More »