Why are people stronger if they weigh more?

Answer with eating excessive food muscles get more nutrients to grow. carrying around extra weight puts more strain on muscle fibers in which tell them to get stronger. It would be like walking around w... Read More »

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Are skinnier people stronger than fat people?

Depends on physical condition. If you look at shot putters, weight lifters, etc. they're incredibly strong and some of them are quite large. Skinny folks can be strong too, sprinters, long distance... Read More »

How did medieval people make crossbows stronger?

By the 2nd century B.C.E., Chinese archers used mass-produced wooden crossbows as highly effective military weapons. Improvements to the crossbow during the Middle Ages made this portable weapon ev... Read More »

Can pampers cool alert fit people that weigh 130?

Nope. Folic acid just helps prevent neural tube defects in the first few weeks of a growing embryo's life. It has nothing to do with fertility, however you should start taking at least 400mcg of fo... Read More »

I weigh 36 stone, I want to go swimming at the local pool, but will people laugh at me call me a whale?

Don't listen to these people! Yes people probably will call you names and laugh and stare but thats is there ignorant abnoxious personalities. You just have to ignore it block them out and think yo... Read More »