Why are people still obsessed with Michael Jackson Hello people, he is dead, it's time to move on?

Answer I think it's the same reason people are still obsessed with Jesus. Some of us move on earlier than others.Damn that was a good answer on my part... Haha just gonna put that out there.Thanks Derek. ... Read More »

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Between 1918 and 1920, H1N1 killed 50 - 100 million people. Why isn't there more people dead this time?

Not all H1N1 is the same -- there are different strains.The strain today is not the strain of yesterday -- the outbreak this year was a new strain, DIFFERENT than of 1918.Even if they were the same... Read More »

How many people think Michael Jackson is a pedophile?

Me+They are caring on for man who was creepy at best! I am sick to death hearing "what a fantastic guy he was". He was creepy to the core. Even his own children had miserable childhoods because of ... Read More »

Why are people so captivated by Michael Jackson?

Because he was a brilliant entertainer, and not only that but wanted to help the world.. He was truly amazing. It's sad that some people are to blind to see it.

Why do people think that Michael Jackson will be replaced?

I don't believe MJ replaced Elvis. Elvis will always be the King of Rock and Roll, MJ King of Pop.I believe no matter your personal feelings about MJ, he was a genius that you can't deny, especial... Read More »