Why are people so suspicious of online contact?

Answer I agree totally, I have some wonderful friendships with people I have never met other than online, some I have never seen a photo even it doesn't matter, you have to learn to trust your instincts w... Read More »

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How to Contact People Online Without Facebook?

If you are using Windows 7, follow the steps.

An online store wants me to pay for my order with an Amazon gift card. Should I be a little suspicious?

Why not just buy it on Amazon? They seem to have everything.

Do alot of bad people chat online with kids.Just like the show online bad people.?

There are bad people who want to hurt children in every town/city in every county in every state of this country, and in every other country around the world. Pedophiles are like cockroaches...they... Read More »

Most people are uncomfortable making eye contact with people with crossed eyes?

i honestly know how you feel. i was born with both of my eyes crossed inward. they were both corrected by a strabismus surgery, but the results were not permanent. now i have two lazy eyes, and ... Read More »