Why are people so mean on the internet?

Answer Oh yes! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!People do that because they have low confidence & a low self esteem.They want to feel better about themselves and the only way to do it is over the... Read More »

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Why are people so mean and degrading on the internet esp. on youtube comments and in other forums?

because they know that the people they are trashing can't do anything about makes them feel big.

I am new to the internet and keep seeing people write Lol in their text. What does this mean?

laugh out loud if you want to listen to every word that is type on screen you can enable ur talking tex voice on win xp home or win xp Professional. windows talking tax for win xp home & win xp .pr... Read More »

Wat does Big Brother mean ive heard people use that term when it comes to computers, internet, isp, fileshari?

Should people on council estates be banned from using the internet I mean when I first started going ..?