Why are so many people ignorant to cancer?

Answer People are not educated enough on the subject.

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Are people who say Wikipedia isn't reliable just ignorant?

I went on Wikipedia a lot when I graded papers for a tenured professor. I didn't even need plagiarism detection software to tell that a certain phrase or paragraph had been lifted off Wikipedia. On... Read More »

Do you think some people are ignorant about Wikipedia and give it an unfair rap?

It takes ignorance to think Wikipedia is any good.Supposedly mistakes are corrected quickly. Wrong. It took years to get Mike Ilitch's birthplace right. It took months to correct the slander agains... Read More »

How to Stop Letting Ignorant People Bother You?

Does it bother you when people blatantly ignore the facts right in front of them? Do ignorant, moronic people leave you feeling frustrated? Here are some tips to help you overcome this problem.

Why do people judge the ART of tattooing when they are totally ignorant?

This isn't really an answer, but more of a reply to "Valley Girl": You don't have to look at my "jumbalia"... If you don't like it, don't look at me. Or anyone else with tattoos for that matter... Read More »