Why are people saying on facebook why wassup does it mean something?

Answer say someone asks what's up with _____ (name)people would answer saying oh _____? you mean the one who's is tall, skinny, blonde, etc.except they're saying nice, or unique things about you :) then y... Read More »

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Can u report someone at school for saying something on facebook?

Whats facebook. Well techinacly he can unless you somehow erase trhe memory of the file

What does it mean when I saw my Facebook pic on another site in an advertisement saying I had an IQ challenge?…Disable

Why do people keep saying that adoptees lose something Why are you all bashing adoption?

It's remarkable the spectrum of emotions that are expressed here. Adoption was created to allow a better future for children and women who might otherwise not have one at all. And, adoption is NOT ... Read More »

What is this "why wassup" game on facebook about?

Basically, someone will post a status and say "Like this for a Why Wassup". And then they'll post something on your wall with questions that they think about you. For example, my name is Kristen. A... Read More »