Why are people on the internet so f*cking stupid, and unable to use proper grammar?

Answer I'd like to ask you something. Why did you call yourself [swear word] stupid, mentally deranged and retarded? You made four mistakes in your three sentences!1) You put a comma before "and" in the a... Read More »

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Why are people stupid enough to give others they don't know personal information on the internet?

I guess people are gullible or stupid or both. I don't personally give out such information on here, I saw a question the other day about a girl telling everybody that she's a childminder and look... Read More »

Is"lay down"or"lie down"proper English grammar?

According to, lay means to place something down and lie means to be placed. Use lay when it's something you do to something and lie when it doesn't act on anything or anyone else. E... Read More »

How to Convert Text Into Proper Grammar?

Text messaging is a useful way to convey a small amount of information to a friend. However, text message length is limited so text message writers often use "shorthand," allowing more to be said. ... Read More »

I Am Unable to Connect to the Internet Server?

An Internet connection allows you to check your e-mail, find information, watch videos and learn just about anything, all online. If you cannot connect to your Internet server, there are several th... Read More »