Why are people making their facebook status "I'm going to live in ______ for __ months?

Answer You use the month and day you were born on.Write: "I am going to live in (month you were born [see below]) for (day you were born) months!January - MexicoFebruary - LondonMarch - MiamiApril - Domin... Read More »

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Why are some people posting "No one" or "Nobody" as their status on Facebook?

I don't get what you mean? I don't see that. Maybe it's cuz they're stupid and want attention or something.

When people make their status on Facebook like for an inbox, what does it mean?

Someone seeking attention. There is a 50% chance they will send you a message.

Does your opinion of people go down when they update their Facebook status every 5 minutes?

I cannot say that it goes “down” but I do wonder why they are not at work, not educating themselves, not at a movie with their friends, not spending time with their family, not taking their dog... Read More »

Why are my Facebook friends posting colors for their status?

people are not only doing this to support breast cancer awareness, but before posting your bra color, you're supposed to do a quick exam on yourself. this DOES promote awareness and having your fri... Read More »