Why are people judgmental to teenagers that are pregnant?

Answer Supposidly it's not right to be pregnent at such a young age, but everything happens for a reason. :)

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How to Get Used to Judgmental People Judging You Outwardly?

People can be so judgmental these days , and yes they base it on how you look outwardly. Tired of hearing gossips about you? Here's a guide to make you immune to this.

Does anyone think that it is so annoying when all these teenagers get pregnant when there are other women ttc?

It is sad but I once read a report that claimed to prove that something goes haywire in teens brain circuitry during adolescence that sort of rules out common sense. Many women who have trouble ge... Read More »

When is it safe to tell people that you are pregnant?

On One Hand: Waiting to Announce a PregnancyMiscarriages occur in up to 25 percent of all pregnancies. Because of this, many women choose to wait to announce their pregnancy until after the risk of... Read More »

How do teenagers get pregnant?

AnswerThe same way as anyone else, they have unprotected sex the sperm from the man fertilizes the woman's egg and hey presto - pregnant! AnswerGet a book from the library, it will have all the an... Read More »