Why do you see different colors when you press down on your eyes?

Answer Whenever the cells of the retina (which is the light-sensitive lining of the eyeball) are stimulated, the response is the perception of light. Now, almost always, this response occurs because it is... Read More »

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Why do people have different eye colors?

Different eye colors are indications of different things. When discussing the iris, the eye color is determined by a certain amount of pigmentation mixed with melanin. Pigmentation is mostly determ... Read More »

Can blind people experience a feeling of different colors?

On One Hand: Some blind people can see colors.According to the National Federation of the Blind, "Some blind people are able to see some colors. Sometimes a blind person might have enough vision to... Read More »

What Colors Look Good on People With Chocolate Brown Eyes?

While people with brown eyes can wear just about every color, they should invest in specific palettes to enhance and accentuate their features. For instance, light colors often present a natural an... Read More »

What was the name of the Sci fi TV show or movie that had 3 to 6 people on a space station each having their own ship in different colors and they'd take off out this long corridor to do missions?

Captain Scarlet was a science fiction program ( there wee both live action and pupper 3D versions) that was in part set on what you might call a space station actually a nuclear powered aircraft ca... Read More »