Why are people convinced that AVG antivirus/spyware is actually good?

Answer I have been using AVG free at home for years - have not had any problems. Low memory footprint - good catch ratio. Also, I am using their pay network addition for workstations at school with no pro... Read More »

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Why are some people convinced that the "government" is stopping cancer from being cured?

Hmmmm. An immortality pill ?Would that be a good thing ?I agree with you " Rachel."Only a moron or non-thinking person would think there is a conspiracy to hide a "cancer cure."Why not a pill that ... Read More »

Switch from analog to digital My husband is convinced that he needs a new TV?

First off, please don't spend $5000 on a new 48" television. That would be asinine. If you do decide to purchase a new television, you should really check out this website: http://www.digitaldeal... Read More »

What moral/ethical issues (if applicable) convinced you to become vegetarian?

That pretty much sums up my views. I just do not condone how animals are pumped full of man made substances, treated poorly in general while "farmed" and inhumanely killed for mass consumption. ... Read More »

While on a date with her what film critic convinced Oprah to host her own show?