Why are people ashamed of passing gas?

Answer I suppose because it has been deemed by society as offensive.

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If you take a picture of a passing train, would you see the people on it?

Actually It depends on how much the train moves relative to the camera, while the shutter is open. Tinier movement = less blur.There are several possibilities to achieve a low relative movement:1. ... Read More »

Is this true i saw a commercial on tv that said passing gas is dangerous to people around you.?

Omg,,,, you need doctors to tell you that? The moment someone let go one, I'll run far away,,,lol,,

If people are trying to find work, why are they asking about passing drug tests?

Drug testing has come about as protection to employers from costly fines, penalties and court actions. The employer is held responsible for employees' performance and the company's output and prod... Read More »

Are you ever ashamed of others?

I hope Mz Rahi, comes and answers this too.I asked a question the other day, and I honestly way embarrassed, and ashamed of the world I live in today. Where Children are raised around greed and I w... Read More »