Why are people addicted to nicotine?

Answer Nicotine is most commonly found in tobacco cigarettes. It's an addictive substance that is hard to stop using. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), nicotine alters our brains and make... Read More »

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Can people be addicted to veggies?

People can be addicted to anything. Addiction is a mental function--not always a physical one--the desire overwhelms the common sense and creates a physical need for a substance. There are a lot wo... Read More »

Why do people get addicted to alcohol?

Alcoholism is a disease that can be brought on by a number of personal, societal, or genetic reasons. Although some people are more susceptible to developing alcohol dependence than others, anyone ... Read More »

How do people get addicted to drugs and alcohol?

Drug addictions develop as a result of a number of physical, mental and social factors; individuals from all socioeconomic classes, races and religions become addicted to drugs.GeneticsPeople with ... Read More »

(stopping smoking) it okay to use a nicotine inhaler while wearing a nicotine patch?

NO!! You should never use two nicotine suppliers at one time. If you read the directions on the Patch box, it will tell you to never have a ciggie while you have a patch on or chew a piece of nic... Read More »