Why are peer relationships so important to children?

Answer Peer relationships are so important to children because, we are love and attention starved.

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Peer to Peer Relationships in the Classroom?

The focus of school tends to be on its academic value. However, children benefit socially from peer-to-peer interactions that occur in the classroom. Children learn social cues and how to react app... Read More »

How to Help Your Son With Peer Relationships?

If your son comes home and tells you he struggles with making friends, this may cause you to immediately take action. Understand that you cannot make the friends for your son, but you can provide o... Read More »

Middle School Activities on Peer Relationships?

Middle school children are surrounded by peers on a daily basis. Interaction in class, on the playground and during after-school activities makes it essential for students to learn values regarding... Read More »

Why are peer reviews important?

Before being published in a journal, scholarly articles have to go through the process of peer review, meaning that the editor sends the piece out to specialists in the field to check for accuracy ... Read More »