Why are pc guys graphic whores?

Answer These days a $300 pc will play all those and more. Compared to the $200 xbox + $40 xbox live, so we're talking about a $60 difference between a tool that you can do many things with (including pla... Read More »

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Are women/girls with tattoos whores?

Women with tattoos are not automatically whores...nor are we biker chicks (not that there is anything wrong with being a biker chick at all).Close minded people are going to look down at women with... Read More »

What's a good comeback for Thumbs-up-whores?

Why do teenage girls dress like whores these days?

Well if you go to the stores. They all sell skimpy clothing. That's why even though I'm 17, I prefer to wear womans petite clothing because it is more elegant and not as revealing. I used to wear c... Read More »

All these closed door conversations at work...These Corporate Whores are preparing to can me, aren't they?

Just had another one fired here today as well... I feel ya, Wilbur... by my estimation I'm about number three with a target on my back right now. The bastard whose name I won't use (okay it's Sande... Read More »