Why are parents against teenage pregnancy?

Answer they're against it because they feel to \"underaged kids\" will be incapable of providing a good healthy environment for a newborn baby. in other words, they don't trust teens with that sort of res... Read More »

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Why are people against teenage pregnancy?

Generally because teenagers can't provide the best life for the child that doesn't go for everyone there are some exceptions but doesn't it just sound like the child will have a better life with pa... Read More »

What do the parents of a teenage pregnancy do?

they help their child out with what they need or maybe some parents are ignorant and make their teenagers have abortions but i feel taht all babies want to live because they didnt ask to be bornthe... Read More »

How to Tell Parents About a Teenage Pregnancy?

Did you make a big mistake and know you have to tell your parents? Well, here's how!

Why are people so against teenage girls whereing more than concealer lipgloss and mascara?

Exactly. I feel the same way !! 1.) its the girls choice to wear makeup. Not other peoples2.) some girls do need it3.) they dont need to wear a ton but someProbably who says dont wear it is like a ... Read More »