Why are paper clips attracted to magnets?

Answer Hold a standard "gem" style paper clip and a magnet close enough together, and they will attract enough to stick together because of the material from which most paper clips are made.MaterialsMost ... Read More »

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Is steel attracted to magnets?

Iron is a ferromagnetic material, which means that it is magnetic at room temperature. Steel is an alloy made primarily of iron. Because of steel's high iron content, a magnet will attract objects ... Read More »

Is aluminum attracted to magnets?

Aluminium can be described as a paramagnetic material, insofar as it is attracted very weakly to magnets–and can, itself, become a very weak magnet–at low temperatures. However, its magnetic at... Read More »

Are magnets attracted to cotton?

Magnets are not attracted to cotton. Materials that magnets attract are known as ferromagnetic materials. Metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt are attracted to magnets as are metal alloys that c... Read More »

Why do paper clips rust?

Every office has paper clips. Paper clips come in a variety of sizes and colors. Paper clips can be made of plastic, but most are made of steel. Because of this, after time they are prone to rustin... Read More »