Why are only a few people brave enough to put their picture on their account?

Answer Because I like to maintain my anonymity. There are a lot of weirdos on this site, asking a lot of hateful questions. I like to tangle with them, and try to get them to think (a waste of time, I kno... Read More »

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Hi. My sons do not want their friends to see "their mothers", (me) profile picture.?

Use an arbitrary Icon instead....something that won't really mean anything like a cartoon character or a flower. I have children and they told me the same thing.

Why do some people deactivate their facebook account?

Privacy reasons, or they do not enjoy it as much as they used to.

Why are people changing their picture on Facebook to cartoon characters?

Apparently its for a good cause. I think its to help the self-confidence of the cross dressing insecure white asian wannabes.

IPhone 3GS, in the message centre some contacts are only showing up with their numbers not their name?

Master restart your phone! It will not change any wallpapers or delete anything but hold your home button and top button on your phone until the screen turns black! Do NOT slide to turn it off.. Ju... Read More »