Why are oldest siblings mean to younger siblings?

Answer They may be jealous of them.

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Is the oldest smarter than the younger siblings?

No, it just depends on the person, not the age or order of the siblings. If the siblings aren't too far apart (age wise), then their IQ is about the same. If both sibling are adults (at least 25 ye... Read More »

Adam has three younger sisters April June and July Which of the siblings is the oldest?

Adam is the oldest sibling. But if Adam is not one of the answers it's none of the above.

How to Keep Siblings out of Your Room when They Are Too Old to Fall for the Tricks Used on Younger Siblings?

Do you happen to have a little sibling that will constantly enter your room and fiddle with your stuff? Do you wish to keep them out? If so, read on.

Do older siblings tend to be taller than the younger siblings?

No,not really.Because some of the younger siblings exercise more than the older siblings.So when the person who exercise ,they will get taller due to jumping exercise like batminton,tennis,basket b... Read More »