Why are older houses generally creepier than newer houses?

Answer Good question.Here are my theories as to why older houses are scarier than newer houses:1) Considering that the house is older, the flooring isn't as stable, so it creaks when you walk. At night, w... Read More »

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Which domestic appliances, generally found in most houses, such as fridges etc use the most electricity?

Strangely, for me, it was light bulbs, After a huge bill I checked what was using all the electricity ( by turning stuff on and off and watching the dial wizz round on the meter) Modern houses have... Read More »

How to Find Repo Houses or Buy Tax-Money Houses?

Repossessed, post-foreclosure houses are often sold by the bank that has repossessed them. If the house has been financed with a Federal Housing Authority loan, it will be sold by the department of... Read More »

How many bat houses should one put up?

Bats are nocturnal animals that seek shelter during the daytime. Suburban and urban development have decreased the number of natural places that bats can roost. The number of bat houses you choose ... Read More »

How do I install a newer version of DVD Shrink over an older one?

Uninstalling Existing Version of DVD ShrinkIn Windows XP, click "Start" in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Now click "Control Panel" and then double-click "Add or Remove Programs." Wait whil... Read More »