Why are nurses badly paid and not respected?

Answer Where are you from? In Canada we are paid well and I feel highly respected.

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How much does a nurses aid get paid?

According to the Wage Survey at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nurse aides are paid a median hourly wage of $11.46. At the lower end of the scale, nursing aides are paid $8.34 an hour, and at the... Read More »

How much do surgical nurses get paid?

The salary for a surgical nurse depends on what kind of surgical nurse he is. Average salaries for a surgical first assistant nurse, who can perform various tasks during surgery, including suturing... Read More »

Gh: Who paid for the nurses ball?

they never came out and said... now people online and it was on some web site.. saying it might be Nik Cassadine.......mb they will write it back in the storyline,.... it kind of got push to the... Read More »

Can home health nurses be paid on a per-visit basis?

Some home health agencies pay nurses a fee per home visit, and some pay fixed salaries. Most Medicaid and private insurance coverage for home health service providers is negotiated on a fee-per-pat... Read More »