What law said that Northerners had to help capture escaped slaves?

Answer The Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 mandated that escaped slaves be captured and turned over to state authorities for return to their owners. The Supreme Court ruled in 1842 that states did not have to ... Read More »

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When you type a question here, in all caps, the computer says it is rude......WHY THUS IT RUDE TO USE CAPS?

because when you are chatting with someone all caps means you are yelling!

How to tell somebody they eat too much without being rude?

pretend you need to lose weight too and ask them something like "hey, I need to lose weight fast, how did you lose that weight and how do you keep it off permanently without gaining it back" and th... Read More »

Would it be rude.............?

YOU are the one in labor and YOU are the mom. It's all up to YOU what you want.You can always act like there just wasn't enough time to call because things were fast or you weren't sure you were r... Read More »

What does rude mean?

Being rude means lacking social refinement, manners, and politeness. Rude people are typically offensive to their peers, and demonstrate an unawareness of or purposeful disregard for basic societal... Read More »