Why are non conventional systems of medicine popular?

Answer Yes, well, they WANT to BELIEVE that is the reason, but for the generally accepted therapies and treatments, that is just rubbish.Most of the people I know who use alternative medicine use it in co... Read More »

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Which is better conventional medicine or alternative medicine?

Why must it be that one is better? Can they not be complimentary of each other?I would not solely rely on either.When I was paralyzed in 1992 with GBS, had I turned to alternative medicine I would ... Read More »

What therapies has Conventional Medicine adopted, that were once Alternative Medicine Therapies?

One of my favorite and least known examples would have to be cat scans (which technically aren't "therapies"). They were developed by a company in england, which first tried to introduce them to t... Read More »

Which is the most effective cure for external hemorroids w/out using conventional medicine?

Homeopathic Treatment for HemorrhoidsHomeopathy treats the person as a whole. It means that homeopathic treatment focuses on the patient as a person, as well as his pathological condition. The home... Read More »

Why do so many folk give conventional medical answers to questions about Alternative medicine?

Well to be honest, they are paid to do so my friend and to play Skeptics or to use it correctly Pseudo Skeptics, its kind of nice to see people working so very hard for their wages, isn't it Mike. ... Read More »