Why are nitrogen compounds important to home gardening?

Answer All living things need nitrogen - it is a key part of both plant and animal tissue, and plants wouldn't be able to grow without it. We get our nitrogen by eating protein, but most plants have to ge... Read More »

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How to Master the Subject of Nitrogen Containing Heterocyclic Organic Compounds?

Nitrogen containing heterocyclic organic compounds is the subject of natural products that contain nitrogen in their molecular structure. This article discusses the chemistry that is related to the... Read More »

Important Compounds of Carbon?

Carbon is an element in the periodic table bearing an electron configuration of 2.4. This implies it is a group four element as it has four valence electrons. The electron configuration also implie... Read More »

Why gardening is important?

Gardening is important because it gives usoxygen in which we need to breathe. If we don't have Gardens,Rain-forests,Plants of any kind in the world, we would not be able to breathe.

What is home gardening?

Gardening at home rather than in an allotment or park etc.