Why are night blooming flowers generally white?

Answer 1. White stands out better in low light conditions making it easier for insects to find. 2. As they bloom at night the plant does not have to waste resources producing coloured pigments (for petal... Read More »

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Why do night blooming plants have less colorful flowers than day blooming plants?

Because at night there is less light, so the chlorophyll inside the plant does not give of enough wave lengths of green, so the plant in result turns out less colorful. Answer: Flowers polinated by... Read More »

Fragrant Night Blooming Flowers?

Most flowers bloom during the day, releasing a subtle, or not so subtle, fragrance to attract pollinators. But in the garden, competition can be fierce so some plants have adapted to blooming at ni... Read More »

Longest Blooming Flowers?

Planting the longest blooming flowers can make a garden stay colorful longer. With colors ranging from white to purple, your garden can look as colorful or as monochromatic as you choose. Long bloo... Read More »

How Do I Pollinate Blooming Pumpkin Flowers?

Cucurbita species, including pumpkins, are largely insect-pollinated. In areas where the bee population has been decimated due to overuse of pesticides or parasitic disease, farmers are choosing to... Read More »