Why are ni-cad batteries not charging?

Answer Nickel-cadmium batteries are common rechargeable replacements for disposable alkaline batteries in consumer electronics, such as cameras and portable media player devices.Typical LifespanMost brand... Read More »

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Best Alternators for Charging Car Batteries?

When the alternator on an automobile fails, the options for repair are fairly limited to replacement since there are few user-serviceable parts. While replacement is generally a straightforward pro... Read More »

Explosive Gases When Charging Batteries?

There may come a time when you need to jump start or change a car battery. Consumers should understand the complex chemical properties that occur in a charging battery, including the risk of explo... Read More »

I'm confused about charging time for AA batteries..?

I have the same charger, it's best to leave them in for the 12 hours. I bought an extra pack of the batteries so I would always have spare ones ready for use (my intentions are always good and that... Read More »

Interstate Batteries Charging Methods?

Interstate Batteries, a supplier of batteries for the office, home, medical facility, workshop and a variety of vehicles, endorses the slow charging method for better performing, longer lasting bat... Read More »