Why are network protocols needed?

Answer The Internet and its network of millions of connected computers are governed by rules of conduct, called protocols, which tell each node (host on the network) how to handle or manage the data it is... Read More »

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Why Are Network Protocols Important?

A network protocol is a standard that details formats and sequences for use in transferring data. These protocols may be proprietary systems or standards defined by public bodies or industry associ... Read More »

Network Protocols & Standards?

Networking technology requires all elements are able to speak a common language. Plugs and connectors on cables need to be compatible with the sockets on equipment. Software has to send messages th... Read More »

Network Authentication Protocols?

Security is of primary concern for computer networks, and never more so than for wireless networks. Different encryption methods exist to tackle the problem of security in a reliable manner.

Definition of Network Protocols?

Network protocols are rules that dictate communication between devices on a network. They define mechanisms that allow network devices to identify, recognize and form connections with one another, ... Read More »