Why are naval ships referred to as she?

Answer Ships have long been referred to as a she, even when the ship's name is masculine. The relationship between those who sail the seas and the ships is a unique interdependent one where the ship is mo... Read More »

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Are naval ships military ships?

Yes, naval ships are military ship but military ships are used by the navy.

What does SSN on Naval Ships stand for?

The hull classification "SSN" refers to the ship and propulsion type. Technically, it's spelled out SS-N; the designation refers to a nuclear powered fast-attack submarine. The abbreviation stands... Read More »

How many ships are in a naval fleet?

The number of ships in a fleet varies by country. The U.S. Navy has 409 active ships, as of April, 2010. A large number of these are based in San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia.Source:Unit... Read More »

First 3 classes of naval ships?